270 to win

There’s been a lot of activity around the station as we prepare to bring you coverage of election returns. I was in the digital den with Dale Hobson and Bill Haenel earlier today and we scrolled through electoral college results from presidential elections since 1789! It’s all at this website. If you know something about U.S. presidential history, these election maps remind you of that history–for example, the debacle for McGovern in his run against Nixon or the shift in Republican and Democratic Party regions of influence between 1964 and 1968, when previously Democratic southern states shifted party allegiance in the face of LBJ’s leadership on civil rights legislation. If you’re unfamiliar with all or part of US presidential election history, these maps will trigger all kinds of questions or starting points for exploring the history. Great website to share with young people studying government and political science.

Here’s another good one, just shared by Bill Haenel. And this one for following any race anywhere in the country, fast results.

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