A week of lion and lamb

Lion and Lamb, mosaic. Church of the Transfiguration, Orleans, MA

Lion and Lamb, mosaic. Church of the Transfiguration, Orleans, MA

For some reason, most people like things to be pretty lively, as opposed to dull. A roller coaster is always a better draw than a teashop. And this week has been a roller coaster.  So much so that I’m more tired than happy, despite all the excitement.

Just take the weather. We have seen all within this week the first set of thunderstorms, a day of 75 and sunny, followed by fresh snow on the laundry, and the river knocking at the front door. In some places the water is still rising. A little more excitement than strictly necessary.

And during this week I have experienced a flood of generosity from all of you who have given to NCPR during the spring fundraiser, and I have shipped off most of my own portable wealth to Albany and Washington on Tax Day.

Even the liturgical calendar is in synch this year. This is Holy Week for most Christians, when a pageant of triumph, fellowship, betrayal and death lead up to the promise of new life at Easter. It is also Passover, where Jews remember being spared from the plagues wrought upon Egypt, and their own deliverance from a life of slavery.

A week of huge ups and downs–which has been, as I said above, kind of exhausting. I’m looking forward to a little lamb time, after all this lion.

Sitting on a sunny step watching the lawn green up sounds pretty good. Poking around the yard looking for snowdrops sounds good. Just putting away the boots and gloves and parka sounds pretty good.

I’ll take that cup of tea now, and read a merely mildly exciting book over in a quiet corner. Maybe take a little walk later if I feel like it. Maybe take a little nap.


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  1. Cliff Meacham says:

    I so enjoy that you reacquaint me with North Country living, so different than here in Florida

  2. helene says:

    Go for it , Dale!