Minutes: Executive Council Meeting 1/24/11

January 26th, 2011 by admin
  • Participating: Lee & Nancy Keet, John Rosenthal, John Ernst, Linda Cohen, Steve Hopkins, Janet Langlois, Marion Smith, Mike Archibald, Mike Clarke, and Ellen Rocco.
  • There was approval of the notes/summary of the last meeting. Ellen still has some follow-up to be done.

Update on personnel changes at station:

  • Kelly Trombley gave notice and will leave on 6/30/2011.
  • Susan Sweeney Smith has moved on to other things.
  • Ellen will devote more time to development, major donors and grants. Assistance will come from Kelly’s replacement who will spend 1/3 time supporting Ellen
  • Close to finalizing a replacement for Jonathan Brown amongst 3 finalists.
  • David Sommerstein is taking a 1 year leave of absence (unpaid) to live in Buenos Aires. Some of his work will be covered by expanded stringer group.
  • Agreement with WRVO to share the cost of a new stringer for the western Adirondacks area and in the Watertown area. Will finalize in the next few months.

Discussion of Juan Williams firing and NPR impact on funding:

  • Policies and practices of news personnel at NPR are being revisited to make sure that there is a level playing field and all are treated equally and fairly to maintain balance in news reporting.
  • Concern about the continuity of public funding for all of public broadcasting – CPB.
  • CPB funding to NCPR is $250,000 per year. While NCPR will survive if this money disappears, it will be very painful.
  • Discussion about the leadership at NPR and ability to make the case for continued publically funded news media. Also discussed the impact and success of the “170 Million Americans” campaign. Ellen will keep us posted on what and when our help will be needed

Media Enhancement Program

  • Ellen amplified the memo that she had prepared. Not only will this initiative have more people on the ground for greater new coverage but it also provides a new entry point for the next generation of correspondent for public media.
  • Knight Foundation grants are to partner with public media to develop further ways to disseminate public information.
  • There was support for this initiative and Ellen will report back on response from Knight Foundation.

Next Meetings

  • Spring – Monday May 2, 11 am – at Clarkes in Lake George. Directions will be forthcoming.
  • Annual/Summer – discussed July 25 or 28 depending on site availability.
  • Fall – October to coincide with SLU Trustees in Canton.

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