Woodchuck Remedies Sought

WoodchuckI received this message a few days ago from Janet Stein, site manager of the Common Ground Garden in  Saranac Lake. Her  plight is familiar to an unnumbered contingent, many of whom have failed to outmatch a determined woodchuck. If you have won this battle, please let us know your strategy. The gardeners in Saranac Lake need all the help they can get!

Our woodchuck is back in action at Old Lake Colby Road Garden.  I hadn’t see any sign of it before now and was hopeful that it had passed peacefully this winter. But, no, he is back!  I’ll call it a “he” because I sure hope it is not a “she! ” He lives under the house.  He has an obvious entrance outside of the fence to the right of the front gate. He, however, has a taste for garden goodies and digs holes from under the house into the garden. Unfortunately, as evidenced by me, this guy has already done a lot of damage especially in the  plot closest to the garage. I have filled in two of his new holes into the garden, already.

This guy really needs to go and unfortunately, I don’t know how.

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  1. Scott Lalonde says:

    Actually after you shoot them and stuff them back in the hole. It does seem to effectively deter others! I have heard of Farmers gasing them with carbon monoxide off truck exhaust as well.

  2. tootightmike says:


  3. Ellen Beberman says:

    Yeah, that was my thought as well.

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