Big new resort proposed for Westport on Lake Champlain

The Valley News is reporting that a Westchester County businessman wants to build a new farm-centered resort in the town of Westport, on property now owned by former state Republican Party chairman Sandy Treadwell.

[David] Mann described the proposed project, which he calls Rolling Hills Farm, as a private club centered around “a full-scale working farm,” a retreat where members could leave behind their cell phones and laptops and immerse themselves in the simplicity of an earlier era.

Cars would be parked in an underground parking area at the entrance, and members would walk or use solar-powered carts inside the property.

Local officials praised the proposal, though it will require a state environmental review and changes to local zoning rules.

The Valley News has a preliminary design for how the 1,000-acre resort would be laid out.


9 Comments on “Big new resort proposed for Westport on Lake Champlain”

  1. verplanck says:

    cool! nice to see some innovation in development. anyone have a larger copy of the master plan other than that dinky jpg? maybe a full-size PDF?

  2. Pete Klein says:

    No objection but it sounds goofy. Will they have to get up at 4 am to milk the cows?

  3. oa says:

    I don’t want it. It sounds weird. Plus, it might make someone some money, and bring in tax revenue.

  4. So folks from NYC will come up to Westport and play farmer at a private compound to relax from the stresses of Wall St.? I’m not sure I get the concept. Are there really a bunch of city folk who are eager to milk cows, feed chickens, etc.?

  5. verplanck says:


    I don’t doubt there are people who would pay for the opportunity to play farmer for a week. I bet it would improve their health and stress level, too.

    For clarification, Brian, the development is going to be about 60 acres, with the remainder of the 1000 acres undeveloped.

  6. oa says:

    Apparently, nobody on this blog ever saw “City Slickers.”

  7. Pete Klein says:

    Slickers? Isn’t that what the Brits wear when it rains?

  8. scratchy says:

    Hopefully he doesn’t listen to all the naysayers.

  9. PNElba says:

    I like the fact that the resident’s children could be the farm labor and they will live in a dormatory. Fits right in with overturning child labor laws, with an added bit of communism.

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