Morning read: Occupy Albany gone, but not far

Occupy Wall Street protesters boosted from their Academy Park encampment plan a return to the Capitol Building today.

The Albany Times Union has a story this morning from the protesters’ new headquarters, in a former art gallery a mile or so away from their former — and highly visible — location.

They tell the paper they’re not going away, just because they and their tents were forcibly removed by police and city workers last week.

“The space isn’t the movement,” said Emma Steckman, a 29-year-old protester who lives in the city.

“This movement is not about camping,” said David Sickler, a protester from Albany who was among those hit with pepper-sprayed by police Thursday.

“We’re digging in,” said Colin Donnaruma of Albany. “We’re going to keep going until we make substantial changes.”

The TU reports the group plans a press conference at the Capitol today, and legal action that could allow them 24 hour access to the park.

During their weeks camping out, the protesters repeatedly took Gov. Andrew Cuomo to task, naming the encampment “Cuomoville.”

Reportedly, they plan to be back next session, starting with a presence at the governor’s State of the State message Jan. 4.

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14 Comments on “Morning read: Occupy Albany gone, but not far”

  1. JDM says:

    “They tell the paper they’re not going away, just because they and their tents were forcibly removed by police and city workers last week.”

    North Country winter does have its benefits. It tends to keep the parks and streets free from loitering.

  2. Bob Cat says:

    Good Luck folks! We the 99% are with you!

  3. Paul says:

    Like we saw in Denver these folks have shown their true side. It is pretty nasty. Good riddance. They are doing nothing to help their cause. The 99% gets to vote just like the 1%. Protest at the ballot box not by arson.

  4. Bob Cat says:

    Paul, from the news reports it was just 2 people in Denver who started the fire. Why would those actions sour the entire movement for you? The people in Albany are not flying out to Denver at night. You can’t say they have accomplished nothing from the movement. Look at the attention we are giving them, discussing the issue. Have you heard any of the presidents speeches lately. He is listening too.

  5. Tim says:

    The city/court hasn’t barred them from 24 hour access to the park. It has barred them from “camping, tenting and/or sleeping” in the park. They can be there as much as they’d like (although it will be a bit cold).

  6. JDM says:

    Bab Cat “Good Luck folks! We the 99% are with you!”

    Make that 48%.

    Pew poll.

    By a 44 percent to 35 percent margin, more Americans support than oppose the Occupy Wall Street movement overall, and by 48 percent to 30 percent, more say they agree than disagree with the concerns the protests have raised. But when it comes to the way the protests are being conducted, significantly more disapprove (49 percent) than approve (29 percent).

  7. Bob Cat says:

    You got me Jim. I stand corrected.

  8. Pete Klein says:

    Is the Pew poll called the Pew poll because it stinks?
    Actually, all polls stink.
    If you don’t want to think, listen to the polls and use them as your guide on what and how to think.
    God forbid you should ever be in the minority.

  9. Paul says:

    This movement has had many problems.

    As far as polls go. Many of the questions are pretty silly. The way they keep saying that polls show that a vast majority of people support raising someone else’s taxes. Big surprise! Of course everyone is going to support something like that.

    All this stuff is just to feed class warfare. That is looking to be a tenant of the Obama re-election bid so Bob Cat it doesn’t surprise me at all that Obama would praise this movement in his speeches.

    He wants us all fighting. This is how he hopes to make sure the base shows up come November.

    Instead of focusing on the issues what they have decided to do is hope that this kind of thing will distract you from the lack of results.

    It seems to be working to some extent.

  10. Kool Cal says:

    Paul you hit the board with the nail gun. The President did little and abandoned his promises to the 99% in regards to financial reform. He was entirely focused on health care. The 99% noticed. They woke up and started yelling. Now the president is talking it up again and gowing up in the polls.

    I don’t agree with your sentiment that the president wants “us all fighting”, but ironically the guy who “caused” the occupy movement with his lack of reform seems to now be benefiting from the movement. Ironic.

  11. knuckleheadedliberal says:

    Paul, one way to thwart Obama’s little scheme would to be to agree to some of his plans instead of fighting them.

  12. Walker says:

    “There’s class warfare, all right,” Mr. Buffett said, “but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”

    Warren Buffet, in 2006 ( )

  13. oa says:

    Paul said: “This movement has had many problems.”
    Yes it does. Tasers, pepper spray, truncheons to the gut and Fox News. Speaking of fiscal responsibility, how much does it cost to outfit all those campus cop storm troopers? Do they really need all that gear just to pound on a few hippies?

  14. Two Cents says:

    yes oa,
    it’s a real equipment sport. ;)

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