Morning Read: The mystery of Cuomo’s presidential hopes

The national political journal Politico is thinking out loud this morning about New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s future, beginning with this baseline assumption:

In Albany as in Washington, the chattering classes take it for granted that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is planning to make a bid for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016.

We’ve kicked this can around a bit here on the In Box.  But Politico notes that Cuomo isn’t doing all the usual things that a guy does if he’s preparing a presidential bid.

Yet for the second year in a row, Cuomo declined to attend the National Governors Association winter meeting this weekend in Washington, typically a must-attend event for aspiring governors.

In fact, since winning office in 2010, he’s been absent from virtually every high-profile political event populated by those with ambitions for the national stage. In the 420-some days that he has been in the Statehouse, Cuomo hasn’t done a single interview with any of the national television networks, despite more than a dozen requests from Sunday morning shows.

With the exception of an interview in GQ magazine, he hasn’t sat down with the national print media either.

Of course, 2016 is — in political terms — about ten lifetimes from now.  So perhaps we’ll see the governor making more of a national splash post-2012.

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5 Comments on “Morning Read: The mystery of Cuomo’s presidential hopes”

  1. Gary says:

    The man has made all the right moves up to this point. He is distancing himself from the Obama administration until the election is over. Just yesterday I was reading in the USA Today that Obama may loose the election due to his inability to carry the critical swing states. Why….because of his health care act!

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  2. Two Cents says:

    i think you’re dead on with his distancing strategy, but i thought it was Mitt’s healthcare plan!

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  3. Pete Klein says:

    On the one hand I would like for Cuomo to become president so we could have a real Democrat as governor.
    On the other hand, I wouldn’t wish having Cuomo as President.

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  4. michael coffey says:

    I think 2016 is Hillary’s if she wants it. Cuomo won’t make a move till she signals her intentions one way or the other. That’s what my class is chattering. Also–biden goes to Sec’y of State post and Hillary is v-p on 2012 ticket.

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  5. sratchy says:

    he;s done a fine job as governor and im sure he’ld be a fine president.

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