New NASA photos of Earth at night

Composite image of continental U.S.
Credit: NASA Earth Observatory/NOAA NGDC

Just for fun, check out these cool photos of the earth at night, courtesy of NASA. It’s been getting a lot of press, so perhaps you’ve seen it already.

Pretty as they are, do you feel pleased or alarmed that human population (as revealed by energy-dependent nocturnal activity) is so dense and wide-spread as to be easily seen from space?

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6 Comments on “New NASA photos of Earth at night”

  1. Pete Klein says:

    Nice to see the Adirondacks as one of the darkest places at night east of the Rockies.

  2. tootightmike says:

    If you’re one of those folks who worries about aliens from space, you should start lobbying to turn off all those damned streetlights. Or maybe if you’re one of those folks who worries about global warming…

  3. mervel says:

    I think it is really interesting. It really gives a visual about where our population really lives. I want to move to Baja, Mx.

  4. tootightmike says:

    Or Maine.

  5. knuckleheadedliberal says:

    Light in the darkness. Reminds me that it is not Happy Holidays, it is Happy Hanukkah!

  6. Hank says:

    The area of Minnesota north of Duluth is also pretty dark…and, being on the shore of Lake Superior, pretty!

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