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Earth-shaking mystery in Indian Lake

We got a call late yesterday afternoon from listener Daisy Kelly in Indian Lake, wondering what we knew about an earthquake that had hit that Hamilton County town earlier in the day.

Kelly said at about 11:30am, she’d heard a giant rumble that had lasted about eight or nine seconds. “I have a very steep pitched roof”, Kelly said, “it sounded like when snow comes off the roof.”

The earthquake was the talk of the post office when Kelly went to pick up her mail—she says the postmistress thought something had hit the side of the building.

So I put in a call this morning to the Weston Observatory at Boston College, which takes readings from many New York seismometers, including Troy and Newcomb. And I was surprised to learn that there was NOT, in fact, an earthquake in or near Indian Lake yesterday.

So what happened? Justin Starr at the Weston Observatory suggests it may have been a quarry blast.

If you were in the Indian Lake area yesterday, and you heard something earthquake-like at around 11:30 Tuesday morning—let us know. And if you know of something other than an earthquake that might have caused 8-9 seconds of heavy rumbling, please let us know that, too. The best way to get in touch is to email me, Thanks!