New bass regs good for NY aquaculture?

Large mouth bass illustration by Kim Schuster,  CC some rights reserved

New York's DEC announced new rules this week for reselling large-mouth bass to consumers.  It used to be only licensed hatcheries could sell the fish for food.  Now a fish marketer can buy the fish from a hatchery and sell (dead) to consumers or restaurants.  DEC Commissioner Joe Martens:

The regulations will make it easier for aquaculturists and fish markets within and outside the state to sell hatchery-reared largemouth bass for food, while continuing to protect wild bass populations that are the foundation of our popular and economically important bass fisheries.

The New York Farm Bureau issued a glowing press release in support of the change, saying the rule change "may be one of the most significant changes New York Farm Bureau has seen come downstream in years relating to the important aquaculture industry in the state."

I'll be honest.  I know almost nothing about this, so maybe you can help fill in the blanks.  Anglers, environmentalists, foodies, pescatarian locavores – is this a good thing?


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  1. In the old days, this was called "forestalling" (as in;purchasing goods beFORE they entered the marketplace STALL). It was illegal; seen as a method of manipulating the free market price, to the detriment of all other players.
    The producers are happy because they'll get to sell more stock, and this is a good thing….It's easier than mounting a marketing campaign, but it's only a matter of time before the new middleman will exert his influence to force the producer to reduce his price. If this is successful, we will find the State operating at a loss, while enriching the private middleman.