Don't attempt this at home, kids

Let's see.

How to categorize this video?  An anthropology of rural life in northern New York (Lowville, to be exact)?  A viable candidate for the Darwin awards?  Why all that hubbub about stricter labor and safety laws on the farm was maybe a good idea?  It's better to be lucky than smart?

Anyway, it's worth posting because it's crazy to watch.  I think yoanne0558's comment is best – "considering the theories and implications of the multiverse, I think this guy dies in 99% of the versions of it."  We're all happy Bimzie pulls through.  **BTW, language advisory for lots of swear words in the video**



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  1. Tell Ellen we know what the loud noise around 8:45 was.

  2. His last words will likely be, "Hey y'all, watch this."