Farming and food from two Upstate New York journalists

Don't attempt this at home, kids

Let's see.

How to categorize this video?  An anthropology of rural life in northern New York (Lowville, to be exact)?  A viable candidate for the Darwin awards?  Why all that hubbub about stricter labor and safety laws on the farm was maybe a good idea?  It's better to be lucky than smart?

Anyway, it's worth posting because it's crazy to watch.  I think yoanne0558's comment is best – "considering the theories and implications of the multiverse, I think this guy dies in 99% of the versions of it."  We're all happy Bimzie pulls through.  **BTW, language advisory for lots of swear words in the video**




  1. Tell Ellen we know what the loud noise around 8:45 was.

  2. His last words will likely be, "Hey y'all, watch this."

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