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Monday kick-off: farm tweets from NY dairy country

Lorraine Lewandrowski aka @NYFarmer. Photo credit: Eve Taverne Photography.

If you followed @NYFarmer on twitter yesterday, you'd have seen a horse dressed to the nines for the Inauguration Parade; followed the ongoing debate over child labor on farms; and known Lorraine Lewandrowski was on her way to the neighbor's to help with sick calves when she snapped a picture of the sunrise.

Lorraine is a lawyer, dairy farmer and farm lover in Herkimer county.  Her twitter feed @NYFarmer is one of my favorites.  It's full of great info. and links about farming and agriculture and food issues, with a personal touch that means something.  I especially love her effort to document the barns of Upstate New York with a #BarnsofNY hashtag.  I asked her why she tweets:

During the Milk Price Crash of 2009, I started to tweet to inform the public about what was happening in rural dairy counties in NY.  I discovered that people like to have a connection to the farm and to get updates on farming and rural life.  Over time, my twitter efforts have branched out into sharing info with food interested people, other farmers, even people globally who are interested in agriculture.  My heart is here in Upstate NY and I love to tweet about our NY countryside, nature, animals, the farmers, and events.  I started #BarnsOfNY in 2013, a tweet stream showing traditional and modern barns in all styles and levels of care.

Lorraine says she's presenting an "introduction to the NY milk shed" at the Just Food Annual Conference in NYC in March.

If you like farm and food issues, particularly from an Upstate New York perspective, give Lorraine a follow.

Each Monday here on The Dirt, we're profiling interesting people, groups, and ideas in farm and food land to kick off the week.  If you any ideas for interesting web sites, twitter, facebook, or tumblr feeds, videos, you name it, let us know in the comments section, or email david-at-ncpr-dot-org.






Eve Taverne Photography


  1. We've got to help dairy farmers survive this bad economy.
    Maybe pass legislation that covers the cost of production.
    Right now dairy farmers can't make ends meet unless they have
    their mortgage paid off. Corn and hay costs have risen tremendously.
    New dairy farmers are very, very rare.

  2. Followed – and the search turned up a few other accounts to add to my growing list of farm related twitter accounts. I'm going to enjoy this feature, although my twitter feed may explode as a result.

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