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Monday kick-off: Real Time Farms

Birch Point Farms' stand at farmers market in Traverse City, MI. Via Real Time Farms.

There are hundreds of places to go for recipes and food inspiration.  I'm sure you have your favorites.

For today's kick off to the week, I was going to spotlight my favorite, Food 52, for its creative, healthy recipes, stellar photography, and synergistic community.

But then I found one of the blogs on Food 52, and I immediately fell in love.

Real Time Farms' blog features photos from farms and farmers markets all over the country.  A snapshot of a chicken and a dog sizing each other up.  Bounty from a market in Michigan.  A little boy being held by his dad in front of a pen of turkeys.

The blog is offered by Real Time Farms, a website that calls itself "a crowd sourced nationwide food guide":

We enable you to trace your food back to the farm it came from, whether staying in or dining out, so you can find food you feel good about eating.

It's a great site to check out.

But why did I fall in love with their blog?  Because that's one of my dreams for The Dirt – to have a regular "farm photo of the day/week/whenever" of farms across Upstate New York and beyond.  and especially pictures of farmers.

Most Americans don't know where their food comes from.  Even fewer know what their farmers look like.

So whaddya say?  Wanna be the first to submit a pic to The Dirt of your farm, of you?  Send it to me at david-at-ncpr-dot-org.  And we'll start getting this thing off the ground.

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  1. Take what you need and leave the rest…

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