Something’s fishy about that rumor

Here at NCPR we’ve heard rumors of late that Larry the Fish guy has been training someone to take over his business.  For around 20 years, Larry made weekly stops in St. Lawrence and Jefferson Counties, selling fresh fish packed in ice from Maine and Boston out of his truck.   He retired in the fall of 2011.

Well, I just spoke with Larry LaRue’s family, and unfortunately, the rumors aren't true.  He’s still looking for a successor, but has so far doesn't have any prospective buyers.

So, while Larry’s remains out of business for the time-being, David Sommerstein asked me to mention Chip’s Place on Route 56 in Potsdam.  Chip’s Facebook page lists his fresh fish offerings each week.

I haven’t checked it out yet, but am happy to hear there’s another option for fresh fish in the area.

Is my snapper really a snapper? Photo: Steve V, CC some rights reserved


Mis-labeled fish

Hey, while we’re talking about fish, it was a little disconcerting to see this in the Washington Post this morning: a study finds that one-third of seafood is mislabeled.

The Post says that if you order tuna at a Washington, D.C. restaurant, half the time you’ll be getting another, less expensive fish in its place.   And it’s worse if you ask for snapper.  Testers nationwide found that 87 percent (!) of the time, restaurants and grocery stores were selling something else under the snapper label.

No wonder North Country food lovers want fish from Larry, or Chip, or someone local they can trust!

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