Bro-gurt: because yogurt is way too girly

A Miami-based yogurt maker has come out with Powerful, a new Greek yogurt marketed specifically for men.  Nicknamed Bro-gurt, it’s got a black label, has a higher protein content then “girly” yogurts, and comes in flavors like bacon and ribs.

Just kidding about that last part.  The flavors are actually pretty normal – plain, strawberry, blueberry, banana.

So why are they doing this?

It’s long established that yogurt is for chicks.  Yogurt was declared the official food of women in 2008.  Anyone else remember this hilarious video?


It’s also not new that food companies sometimes re-package products to bring manly men into the fold, especially soda.  They want men to know it’s okay, you can drink low-or-no calorie soda, and still be super-macho.  Although, they call it Pepsi Max, or Dr. Pepper 10, because real men don't “diet.”


One thing we can learn from Powerful that’s good news for New York’s yogurt industry: the market for  Greek yogurt is still on the rise.   Its already started taking up huge amounts of shelf space in the dairy aisle at the supermarket, and half the population is (apparently) not even buying it yet.

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