Monday kickoff: making food connections in the Adks

People are adding their photos to the site. This one's by Melissa Monty-Provost.

To kick off every week here at The Dirt, we like to feature a new place, person, group or idea to get your creativity going. Today, a new online site serving the Adirondacks.

Adirondackers, are you looking for a good CSA near your house? Are you a farmer wanting to reach more people with your product? Want to attend a seed swap, or buy a quarter of beef, or ask others where the best place to find morels or ramps is?

Daniel Rivera (aka @ADKFarmerDan on twitter) has started a "one-stop community website where folks and farmers could get connected and share information."  It's called Adirondack Food Network, it's got a nice, folksy design, and even has its own trailer (w/ music by Dan):

Here at The Dirt, we like anything that brings people together to support rural livelihoods. Good luck to Dan and others involved in this project!

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  1. This is a great link David. These foodies and growers are going to find each other eventually, and this seems like a nice easy tool to make those connections happen faster.

  2. Thanks again David for sharing this. Many new members today because of your post!


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