Adk farmers market coop re-allows CSA share distribution

North Creek's farmers market. NCPR file photo.

Here's a quick update to a story we covered last month. At its regular monthly meeting yesterday, the Adirondack Farmers Market Cooperative, which operates 10 farmers markets in the mountains, voted to again allow Community Supported Agriculture farms to distribute their weekly shares of produce at their markets' stands.

The measure reverses a vote made in February that drew strong criticism and some anger.

In a press release, AFMC said the initial vote was the result of "misinformation the Board had received":

After voting to rescind the previous motion, the Board members passed a motion stating that CSA shares can be distributed at the market as long as the farmer distributing the shares has a retail booth at that market. The rationale for allowing the share distribution as long as there is a retail booth was done to preserve the farmers’ market experience for the customers. The AFMC Board wholeheartedly supports CSAs as a marketing method, but wants to avoid the farmers’ market turning into just a distribution spot.

Each farmers’ market has an individual atmosphere and ambiance that we want to flourish. The combination of local produce and meats, freshly baked goods, plants, flowers, hand crafted products and entertainment makes shopping an experience rather than a chore. We want North Country shoppers and tourists to continue to share the joy of farmers’ markets with our vendors.

It's worth noting that two people who operate CSAs were voted on to the board at AFMC's annual meeting last month.



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  1. Correction – one was elected, one CSA farmer was already on the board.

  2. Sometimes, our government folks get it wrong, and a noisy and sometimes angry response is how we get it right. Tonight's Town Board meeting in Potsdam is likely to be that type of event. Most of the town's residents are almost speechless after seeing their new assessments this weekend, but I think they'll recover their voices by 6:30 this evening.

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