We've planted new seeds. You can, too.

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Let's take a brief moment from our regularly scheduled blog post to tell you how this relatively new farm and food blog comes to exist.

Over the last couple years, North Country Public Radio has been able to nearly double the size of its news department, thanks to the generosity of listeners and online users who give donations. We hired your blog co-host, Julie, as a veteran public radio journalist with deep experience in agricultural issues. I've been learning about farming issues in the North Country as a reporter here since 2000.

We figured, hey, let's put our experience and interest to the test. From the porch potted plant to the furrowed soybean field, there are few things that our people care more about than farming and food issues. A new blog was born.

The Dirt is three months old, and this is the first week it's been alive and kicking during our public radio fundraiser.

The fact is this blog – and its parent, this radio station – is funded by one of the oldest "kickstarter" projects around. Since the 1970s public radio has been crowdsourcing money for top-notch journalism, serious conversation, and an independent voice. Your trust our work. We trust you'll donate.

If you read this blog even occasionally, make a donation for independent coverage of agricultural and food issues here. Or grab your cell phone and text the message "NCPR" to number 41444. You'll automatically give $10 to NCPR.

In just a few months, you've read, responded, reacted, given us story ideas. Now help keep it going. Thanks!

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  1. The garlic is up, the onion seedlings are 4" tall, and the donation has been made…it's going to be a great season. Thanks for keeping me informed and entertained while I work.

  2. Thanks, Michael. Two miracles: the garlic comes up in the spring, and listeners contribute…even though they could listen for "free."