Another sweet theft

Maybe it's the fear that there won't be enough honey, but it's been a year of crimes against sweets.  Or rather for sweets.

First, there was the great Canadian maple syrup heist.

And now German police report that 11,000 pounds of Nutella have been stolen from a truck parked in the city of Niederaula, northeast of Frankfurt.

Police believe the thieves transferred the chocolate-hazelnut spread to another truck at the city's former train station.  It's worth about $20,000.

Even before this incident, some media started asking if there's a black market for Nutella.

It was only last month when Nutella-gate broke at New York's Columbia University.  The school denied claims that students had been pilfering as much as $5000 worth of Nutella from its dining halls each week.  In a press release(!), Columbia said when it introduced the "nut brown ink" to mealtimes earlier this year, excited students were "only" using $2500 of it per week(not the reported $5000.)  But the undergraduate Nutella habit has now settled down to about $500 per week.

In answer to whether there's a black market for Nutella, MSN Money answered clearly: "No. The problem is that Nutella is both tasty and somewhat costly."

But that was last month, before the nuttiness of the German Nutella thieves.

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