Let's build a photo album of our region's farm life


Three baby goats and their mom born yesterday at Cross Island Farms on Wellesley Island. Photo: Dani Baker.

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I've written in previous posts that I have a dream and a wish that The Dirt – in addition to our regular news and information – can become a venue for collecting self-portrait photos of farmers and farms for New York, Vermont, Ontario and Quebec agriculture. It would be a little like NCPR's Photo of the Day, The Dirt-style. Something like this photo on the right, from Cross Island Farms on Wellesley Island in the Thousand Islands.

We marvel and bemoan often that so many Americans don't know where their food comes from. Photos are such an easy way to tell our region's agricultural story, from porch plot to garden to soybean field, and the stories of the people who work the land. And technologically, they're so easy to share.

I'm inspired by Real Time Farms, which links photos to a map to a way you can connect with that farm. It's an amazing way to connect food eaters and farmers. And it promotes, as the site says, "farm transparency". Check it out here.

So here's the plan: spring is the perfect time to launch this project. Send in your photos of your farm, your animals, your produce, your garden, your fields, your families. We'll build up a solid reservoir of photos to publish on a regular basis. And behind the scenes, we'll work towards putting them on a map of the region.

And here's a challenge to you: take pictures of PEOPLE. Sure, include the field, the landscape, the barn, the produce, too. But knowing where food comes from is knowing WHO makes it.

Send your photos to david@ncpr.org. Thanks!!




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  1. Wonderful idea to honor our farmers and the hard work involved to put food and milk on the table.

    • Forget it!!!!

  2. Great idea Dave –
    We all take our food supply for granted.

  3. As the AGriculture Manager for the NYS Fair I have created an Ag Extravaganza to be held on Labor Day at the Colisuem. last year was the first year and it was a huge success. The main purpose was to give the fairgoer a chance to speak with farmers (beef, dairy, pork, poultry, rabbits, horses, llamas, sheep, goats) about thier farm. Each farmer brought some livestock to prompt discussions. We are incorporating a new farm to food to table activity this year and I believe It will be a great opportunity for non-farmers to see first hand where their food comes from.

    So, here is my thought. If you get a nice set of photos' do you think they could be put into a power point presentation that I could then run during the event. I could put it up on a nice big screen and it would be a great visual testament to the life of a farmer. Please let me know your thoughts on this.