Our first Dirt Pic! Send yours!

One of the goals of The Dirt is to raise the public consciousness about who makes America's food, how, and where. That's why we're asking farmers and gardeners to send us photos of your farm, your produce, your animals. And hopefully, any picture will have a person in it (that's how we conquer that "who's growing your food" part). We hope to create an interactive regional map of all the photos with links to your farm (if you want). Send your photos to david@ncpr.org.

Our first Dirt Pic comes from Rodman, NY – south of Watertown – where Ella, Bradley & Grailey Walton are microentrepreneurs selling duck eggs under the business name, Dirty Dozen Duck Egg Co.  As photographer Deanna Nelson writes, "at present, they get 10-11 eggs per day from their Indian Runner ducks (pictured), a couple Khaki Campbell ducks, and a Welsh Harlequin." Thanks, Deanna, Ella, Bradley, and Grailey!

Email your photos and captions to david@ncpr.org

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  1. That's a great photo!
    (The business name is catchy too.)

    • Those are the best eggs!

  2. I was just "gifted" with a dozen duck eggs, which I discovered on my porch when I came home yesterday! What a wonderful treat! Many Thanks to my mysterious benefactor!