Dirt Pic #2: Lola's breakfast

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Last June in Belleville, near the shores of eastern Lake Ontario in Jefferson County, Lola was born. Lola is a blue Randall lineback. "She became a sort of Facebook sensation with my friends because of her pretty markings," writes Janet Abbott.

Janet and her husband, Joe, own Belleview Farms and Stables. They had been increasing the diversity of their 200 cow herd to boost the protein and fat in their milk. They've been raising Ayrshires, Jerseys, and now this Randall to complement their Holsteins.

One morning, Janet was lucky enough to have her camera with her when her son, Kyan, decided to give Lola some breakfast.

Kyan Abbott of Belleview Farms and Stables gives Lola breakfast. Photo: Jane Abbott


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  1. This is so awesome that there is a website designed for the dairy farmers