Dirt Pic #3: A gift for us to enjoy

Each week on The Dirt, we post a photo from you, our readers. We're telling the story of farming, gardening, and food one picture at a time. Send your picture – your barn, your animals, your family, your produce – and the story of that picture to david@ncpr.org.

I have a little story to accompany today's Dirt Pic. Like many of us this gorgeous, summer-like weekend, we spent most of our time sprucing up our gardens, dividing, transplanting, mulching, all that jazz. My daughter, Olivia, 5, asked me: "Daddy, what are flowers for?" I stammered something (which was probably incorrect) about plants becoming more plants, etc, digging deep into the roots of my high school biology classes.

Olivia paused, took it all in, brain machinery a-churning. I added, with some desperation: "But really they're just a gift for us to enjoy." That satisfied her a lot more. "I love flowers," she concluded. Then she hopped into the electric toy truck her grandparents had just brought her and chugged away. (Draw your own sustainability conclusions here.)

So for today's Dirt Pic, we celebrate some of the farmers who help us beautify our gardens and our lives, one flower at a time. Megan Bowdish and her husband, Ray, own Never Tire Farm, a wholesale greenhouse in Lisbon.  They sell to local retailers in St. Lawrence, Jefferson and Franklin counties.

Megan Bowdish of Never Tire Farm, Lisbon. Photo: Ray Bowdish.

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