Monday kickoff: What new food makes kids look funniest?

A fist taste of Vegemite. Photo: Still from video embedded below.

A fist taste of Vegemite. Photo: Still from video embedded below.

Hey, I've got a five year-old. I know the pressure to get your child to eat healthy can feel overwhelming. You're up against a $4.2 billion dollar marketing barrage, meals that are equal parts diabolically delicious and caloric carpet-bombings, and, well, most kids just seem programmed to eschew healthy protein and greens until their parents' nerves are spent.

Fight back this Monday morning. Laugh a little. If you fed your son or daughter lemons or vegemite or gherkins, what do you think they'd look like? How would they react? Tell us what you think your children would do if you made them eat [fill in your food here] in the comments.

And then watch this terrific and hysterical video of kids eating foreign foods in slo-motion. And, y'know what? Sometimes the food even wins.

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  1. Our grandson Tighe, upon tasting his first dill-bean, gave a tremendous, full-body shudder that cracked up the entire family. He has since become a real pickle connoisseur, and has opinions about who makes the best.

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