Pay families to cook at home?

Should we pay people to reacquaint themselves with the stovetop? Photo: Some rights reserved?

Should we pay people to reacquaint themselves with the stovetop?
Photo: Some rights reserved?

Here's some red meat for the "nanny state" folks out there.

Nutrition educator and freelance food journalist, Kristin Wartman, argues in a New York Times Op-Ed that we should pay people to cook healthy meals at home:

To get Americans cooking, we need to make it possible. Stay-at-home parents should qualify for a new government program while they are raising young children — one that provides money for good food, as well as education on cooking, meal planning and shopping — so that one parent in a two-parent household, or a single parent, can afford to be home with the children and provide wholesome, healthy meals.

Wartman suggests paying for the program with a tax on sugary drinks and other "harmful foods", like highly processed snacks.

With Congress knee-deep in a battle over whether to cut the food stamps program by $4 billion or $20 billion, it's hard to imagine this proposal getting any actual traction.

But on its merits, what do you think?

There's lots of evidence that cooking at home and cooking from scratch is a) good for you, b) good for families, and c) increasingly rare.

So how to reverse the trend? Is the renewed focus on nutrition, fighting obesity, and "eating local" starting to do it already? Is it a fight not worth fighting, a product of our modern world? Should this be left to individuals to figure out their life choices? Or…should we pay people to reacquaint themselves with the old fashioned stove and oven?


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  1. Home cooking and eating is far and away the most healthful and most cost effective methodology for nutritional well-being; however, BIG Agriculture and their cohorts BIG food processors do not see it as in their best interests to have folks performing such. To this end, far and away the vast majority of their advertising dollars are spent to convince the Americans who eat (the selfsame whom also breathe) that eating out, eating fast food, eating carry out/home delivered, eating precooked/pre-prepared at home rather than attempting to convince them to prepare and cook their own food from scratch. Equally if not more audacious is BIG FOOD's use of Political Pressure Groups (Lobbyists) to modify the Laws of the US, via the bending of the wills of the Politicians they finance the elections of, to provide subsidies to those whom supply the not from scratch pseudo-food stuffs mentioned above.

    As alluring as the concept of paying folks to prepare and cook their food at home I say "no chance" when BIG Agriculture has been doing everything it can to convince/force us to behave otherwise.

  2. Get paid for cooking at home ? Where will it ever stop ? We raised 3 children and we've always had to cook , not because we didn't want to eat out but just didn't have the money or so it seems now the food stamps for that on a regular basis. About maybe once in every 6 months we 'd stop at a pizza joint or the like and it never hurt us.Now that the kids are grown and doing their own cooking ,We get to splurge a little more and my wife and I get to stop at a few different little diners and the like ,McDonalds is still out though for the most part.

  3. The Food Stamp President in OUR White House would be so proud. These very ideas are why our country is in dire straits. The new teaching of government reliance is at the heart of American demise. God, Freedom, Liberty, Virtue, family core values and self-reliance are being eliminated from the American way by those we elect. "We the People" must become pro-active in our government to maintain our American values. Teach your children to not be a burden on society. Teach them to give back and not to take handouts. Political correctness must be thrown out the window. Political correctness is socialism in disguise. If your representative is a tax and spend socialist replace them at the polls. Elect constitutional conservatives that believe in the power of the people, not power of the government,is what our Republic is all about. Flush the System!