Would you eat marijuana-fed pork?

Photo: Esteban [http://www.flickr.com/photos/go/9847937/] Some rights reserved.

Photo: Esteban, Creative Commons, some rights reserved.

Yes, a Washington hog farmer is feeding weed to his animals. According to NPR's The Salt, no, the prosciutto he's producing doesn't smell like the kind; and no, you don't get high from eating it.

But the story highlights two trends. First, farmers are looking for most anything cheaper than corn to feed their animals:

High feed prices have led some farmers elsewhere to seek out food scraps and even bakery byproduct — bread, dough, pastries and cereal — for their pigs and cattle.

The second trend isn't directly related to these pot-fed pigs. But you can imagine where things are going…pot-"enhanced" cuisine of all kinds. Move over, brownies. Now you can get weed gummy bears, weed raspberry dark chocolate bars, weed lemonade. Sky's the limit, especially now that marijuana is legal in Colorado and Washington (and basically California).

Could bacon be far behind?

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  1. good. corn is bad feed for many reasons.

  2. Maybe you don't get high from eating it, but SOMEONE gets high. The pigs will get the munchies too and will eat more of their other feed (like pizza) which will help with weight gain. It might work too well though. If the pigs put on too much weight we'll see pork in the market that's too fatty. Perhaps the pigs could get more exercise by taking up snow-boarding.

  3. So, we're pretty sure that one kind of drug fed to pigs (antibiotics) ends up in their meat, but nobody questions whether another kind of drug fed to pigs (THC) ends up in the meat? I smell something here, and it ain't bacon.

  4. Does anyone else find this ironic?

    • Indeed. I have long contended that legalizing pot would take all the money out of it. They don't call it "weed" for nothing, and anyone can grow it anywhere, without any gardening skills at all. It's a gateway drug alright, before you know it potheads will be growing peppers and tomatoes.

      • gotta satisfy the munchies