Dirt Pic #3: Zoey cozies up to Jersey steer

Zoey snuggles up to Toby, a Jersey steer. Photo: Carolyn Yerdon.

Zoey snuggles up to Toby, a Jersey steer. Photo: Carolyn Yerdon.

We're back with Dirt Pics – stories of agriculture, farming, and food told through pictures of the people who do it. It's the perfect season to take pictures of people working on your farm, at your farmers market, preparing your produce, working the land. Send pictures, captions with names, and a little story about what's happening in the photo by e-mail to david-at-ncpr-dot-org (use the regular e-mail address format – I'm trying to avoid getting spam!).

Today's Dirt Pic comes from Carolyn Yerdon, who owns a small hobby farm in Redfield, near the Salmon River reservoir in Oswego County. "I do my best to give the animals as much joy as they give me," she writes.

Last summer, the neighbors were visited by the granddaughter Zoey. Zoey stopped by for a farm visit and wandered over to Toby, a Jersey steer. He laid down as she approached him, says Carolyn, "almost as if he wanted to get down to her level to get the most out of her gentle touch." The photo says the rest.

Carolyn says about Zoey, "she is fearless around animals especially for her little size. Her gentleness was captured in this photo like none other that I had ever taken."


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