Get your bearings on the Greek yogurt landscape

A screen shot of the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle's yogurt map.

A screen shot of the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle's yogurt map.

I'm quite a bit late to the party on this one. But given that PepsiCo and a German company cut the ribbon on their $206 million yogurt plant in Batavia this week, it seems like a good time to spotlight this handy map of yogurt production in New York State. It was created by the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, as a part of a series they did on Greek yogurt back last fall:

Our research found 39 yogurt-makers here, from huge industrial plants that ship tractor-trailer loads of yogurt containers every day to tiny family-run operations that haul a week’s production to a farm market in the back of a pickup truck.

The map runs smoothly and give you a good visual sense of where the Greek yogurt boom matters most (see the Mohawk Valley and the Batavia area).

For an example of a data-driven map that doesn't run smoothly, check out New York State's new map of farmers markets. It's locked up on me three times already. And I can't seem to get it to zoom in on the areas I want to see. Sigh.

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  1. Great map

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