An old-fashioned grange mixer – version 2.0

A shot from last year's mid-summer mixer. Photo courtesy The Greenhorns.

A shot from last year's mid-summer mixer. Photo courtesy The Greenhorns.

Farmers of all stripes are up to their eyeballs in work right now. But a bunch of them are taking some time off this weekend to celebrate the summer solstice and get social.

The Greenhorns, an organization that supports young farmers, is holding its second annual mid-summer mixer at the Au Sable Grange Hall.Check out the story NCPR's Sarah Harris did about The Greenhorns a couple years ago.

The press release couches the event in the history of the fraternal Grange movement, with a heavy dose of 21st century neo-farming philosophy and a smattering of left-leaning and libertarian politics. Here's the Ausable Valley Grange mission statement:

To develop a better and higher manhood and womanhood among ourselves. To enhance the comforts and attractions of our homes and to strengthen our attachment to our pursuits. To foster mutual understanding and cooperation. To maintain, inviolate, our laws and to emulate each other in labor, to hasten the good time coming. To reduce our expenses, both individual and corporate. To buy less and produce more, in order to make our farms self-sustaining. To diversify our crops and to crop no more than we can cultivate. To systematise our work and calculate intelligently on probabilities. To discountenance the credit system, the mortgage system, and every other system tending to prodigality and bankruptcy.

There's music and dancing planned. And if the photos from last year's event are indicative, it looks like a fun way to celebrate the longest weekend of the year.

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