And New York's newest apples are…


Snapdragons, formerly known only as "New York 1", on the tree. Photo courtesy Cornell University.

…Snapdragon and Ruby Frost!

PrintAnd in a true nod to 21st century food marketing, Cornell University's two new apple varieties even have their own logos.

SnapDragonLogoFinal copy

Here's what the insiders are saying about each, according to Cornell's press release:

“SnapDragon is a great name for this apple because consumers found its crispy texture and sweet flavor so appealing,” said Mark Russell, an apple grower and New York Apple Growers member.

SnapDragon, formerly NY1, gets its juicy crispness from its Honeycrisp parent, and it has a spicy-sweet flavor that was a big hit with taste testers. Russell anticipates it will be a popular apple for snacking, especially for children.


RubyFrost, formerly NY2, which ripens later in the fall and stores well, will provide a boost of vitamin C well into winter. Cornell breeder Susan Brown expects it will be popular with fans of Empire and Granny Smith.

“I think juicy and refreshing when I eat a RubyFrost,” Russell said. “It’s a fascinating apple, with a beautiful skin and a nice sugar-acid balance, but to me the crisp juiciness is rewarding every time.”

Cornell has breeded 66 apple varieties since the late 1800s. But this time they're taking a unique approach, partnering with New York State's apple industry to release these varieties only to New York orchards.

The whole marketing and drama of the release is certainly fun, and reflects how much interest there is in unique food choices these days.

Ole' Granny Smith sure didn't get this kind of reception. Congrats, Cornell.



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  1. I am now embarrassed for Cornell where my husband graduated (1969, Ag School) and I worked (1970-71 ILR School, Org Behavior). The publicity about the new apple species is great. Whoever wrote this release need to go back to elementary school. Cornell has breeded 66 apple varieties since the late 1800s. – See more at:

    "BREEDED"?! What?! Please vet the releases from outside sources.

  2. Breeded? Hello? Breeded? "Cornell has breeded 66 apple varieties since the late 1800s."

    "Holy bat…., Batman! I think we have a problem here!" "Proofreader, proofreader, come here!

    Help! Cornell is Pissed!!"