Fried anything and the miracle of birth

A cow with calf shortly after birth. Photo: Some rights reserved,

A cow with calf shortly after birth. Photo: Some rights reserved,

UPDATE: If you want to meet Andrew Cuomo to boot, the Governor's office says he'll be at the Fair around 2:15 this afternoon.

The Great New York State Fair opens today. (Gotta wonder if President Obama will swing by on his way to a high school in Syracuse…)

While you're dropping gobs of cash on fried oreos and corn dogs, and tossing balls to win a stuffed animal you could have bought for 50 cents, slip away to the FFA building, behind the Talent Showcase, to see something really amazing.

Cornell and the New York Animal Agriculture Coalition have joined forces for the first New York Dairy Cow Birthing Center. Yes, they've gathered 36 mamas-to-be with the hopes they'll give birth during the twelve days of the fair.

According to organizer Jessica Ziehm:

This free exhibit hopes to showcase three live births of dairy calves daily.   The real-life phenomenon will not only entice the public by providing the opportunity to witness the miracle of life, but will leave fairgoers with a better understanding of New York’s dairy farm families and the care they provide their animals.

This is a very cool and rare opportunity to witness something that's at the heart of the lives of every dairy farmer.

One note from Jessica – no baby registry and don't bring gifts for the calves. "Your presence is presents enough."

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