Dirt Pic: cranberry bogs in the North Country

Peter and Patty Paquin. Photo: Lisa Lazenby.

Peter and Patty Paquin. Photo: Lisa Lazenby.

Dirt Pics is an ongoing series telling the story of agriculture and farmers one photo at a time. Send a photo of your farm, product, field, market stand, or any other aspect of farming – hopefully with a person or people in the picture – to david-at-ncpr-dot-org. Please be sure to include full names and a caption that tells the story of what’s happening in the photo.

New Englanders Peter and Patty Paquin found themselves in northern St. Lawrence County a little under ten years ago. They grew cranberries on Cape Cod – in the Cranberry Belt, you could say.
Still some cranberries to collect in the bogs in Brasher. Photo: Lisa Lazenby

Still some cranberries to collect in the bogs in Brasher. Photo: Lisa Lazenby

But the Paquins noticed northern New York had the same qualities as New England, terrain and soil-wise. And the land prices were far cheaper.

Today, the Paquins have quietly built a very successful business out of cranberry bogs in Brasher. Check out the story I did on Paquin in 2008 (with some more nice photos), and the follow-up I did last year.
Paquin mostly sells bulk to Ocean Spray and other big buyers. But his cranberries are available in some local shops, too. But the season is coming to a close soon. Seek out those local cranberries soon if you want them!

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  1. In order to have an interesting job in the North Country, you have to be willing to create it. It may be something new. It may be something no one has tried here before. You might have to endure those who'll say "that won't work", but in the end, a new piece of our local economy has been created where there was nothing before. If you grow to the point of hiring help, you're making a real contribution….and, you've got the best job in town.

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