Do I dare mention Pete Seeger and the Super Bowl in the same post?

Photo: Some rights reserved.

Photo: Some rights reserved.

It's probably heresy. And Pete Seeger probably wouldn't care for it. But I want to get you these two *unrelated* items heading into the weekend.

First, the Pete Seeger part. I absolutely loved all the remembrances upon his passing this week. He was a true giant of an American legend, no matter what you thought about his politics. He drew attention to the plight of regular people – lumberjacks, miners, workers, and yes, farmers. Seeger fought for clean water, clean land, and farmers making a decent living.

In an interview on North Country Public Radio a bunch of years ago, he talked about dressing up as a cow with a puppet troupe, performing across the Adirondacks in support of farmers who were dumping their milk to protest low prices. Listen to him tell the story:

Pete Seeger in the North Country during the 1940s Milk Strike

Meanwhile, about as far away ideologically from Pete Seeger as possible, on to the Super Bowl story. The big game's in New Jersey this year, in New York's orbit, for sure. Using the TasteNY brand, Governor Cuomo is promising to introduce as many Super Bowl tourists as possible to New York made products:

"The Super Bowl is our opportunity to show off our state and encourage all of our guests to visit the many locations across New York. Visitors and New Yorkers alike will not be able to attend a Super Bowl event without seeing an ad for NY State Tourism or sampling a NY State product. I can guarantee that once tourists see all we have to offer, they will keep coming back for more.”

Not sure what an effect that will have on actual sales of New York products. But it can't hurt to have all kinds of media talking about New York grown.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. How about a clever superbowl commercial featuring Letchworth and the Adirondacks and some lakes? Hurricane Sandy saw our outskirts, You come see what is inside NY.