NPR Books: Librarian Nancy Pearl’s Picks For The Omnivorous Reader


Illustration: Nancy Pearl peering through bookshelves. (Nishant Choksi)

The only thing that these books have in common is that NPR’s go-to librarian likes them a lot. Nancy Pearl’s self-described “higgledy-piggledy” list includes a book of cartoons, a Civil War history, a coming-of-age story, a spy novel and more. . .

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  1. Antonetta Haggard says:

    I just ordered some of these books as well. One of my favorite young adult authors is John Green and if Code Name Verity has any of the youthful intensity and candor that his books have, I want to read it. I also order the America Aflame for both my husband and I. Here’s to voracious, omnivorous readers! Thanks for the review.

  2. I’m really glad you posted this story. When I heard it the first time, several of the books she mentioned sounded like one’s I would like to give, or get, for Christmas. Tracking it down, in my case anyway, would be possible, but not certain. Now I don’t have to worry.