Sports as a barometer of power

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This Wednesday, February 13, Bill Rhoden will be giving a talk as a featured author in the SUNY Canton Living Writers Series. The talk begins at 6:30 pm in the Roos House on the SUNY Campus. We had hoped to bring Bill into our studio for a live call-in, but scheduling was impossible. Instead, we recorded a conversation between Bill and Phil LaMarche, the organizer of the SUNY series, and Chris Robinson, regular co-host of Readers & Writers programs.

Bill Rhoden is worth seeing–and reading. He’s provocative, insightful and fearless in his observation of and commentary on sports culture, race relations, and power economics.

See the full press release from SUNY Canton.

Feel free to weigh in here with your reaction to the conversation with Rhoden, his talk at SUNY, his NY Times articles or his book.

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