Siobhan Fallon: When the title tells the story

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Tuesday, April 23, 4-5 pm, a first for the NCPR book club: a live broadcast from the library at Fort Drum with Siobhan Fallon, the author of the short story collection, “You Know When the Men Are Gone.”

Audio archive of our conversation with Siobhan Fallon.

Phil LaMarche, who teaches at SUNY Canton, is bringing Fallon to the north country for appearances at SUNY Jefferson, Fort Drum and SUNY Canton. Phil and I will be joined by regular co-host Chris Robinson of Clarkson University to talk with Fallon about her remarkable set of stories.

Siobhan Fallon

“You Know When the Men Are Gone”: the title tells me that there’s war involved. Sure enough, this collection of loosely related stories is set at Fort Hood, in Texas, and deftly explores how army families are affected by the absence of their soldiering husbands and fathers.

Reading these stories, I fell into the feel of the Fort, it’s rhythm and life, it’s day to day humdrum-ness…except there’s always someone missing or about to be missing or should be missing.

Fallon has such a clear voice. As the New York Times reviewer wrote, “…no-nonsense stories about American soldiers and their families…simple, tough, and true.”

Plan to tune in for the program or find it here online after the broadcast date.

If you’ve read the book, weigh in here with your reaction to it, or pose questions and make comments.