Not just any map: an Adirondack literary map

Use the link in the post below to explore the map

Use the link in the post below to explore the map

Thanks to the folks at the Adirondack Center for Writing we now have a map that shows the locations of Adirondack references in important literary works. It’s fun.

From the ACW website:

If you live in the Adirondacks or are planning a trip here, the Literary Map anchors the work of writers like Plath, Theodore Dreiser, and Joyce Carol Oates to their inspiration in the Park. In addition to visiting writers, we feature prominent local authors like Russell Banks and Joe Bruchac, and the work of any published writer influenced directly or indirectly by the Adirondacks.

Here’s the direct link to the map.


  1. knuckleheadedliberal says:

    Great idea! Everyone is going to link to this on all their social media sites, right?

  2. Although not a “literary work” my first contact with the Adirondacks was over 45 years ago via WOODCRAFT by Nessmuk and later his writings about what is now celebrated in the 90 miler race. Forest and Stream magazine articles were obviously helpful in adding awareness of the Adirondacks and perhaps to the Adirondack brand as had been discussed in other blogs on this site.

    the list prompts a library trip…