Haiku that live here

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Photo: Martha Foley

Photo: Martha Foley

Our friend John Scarlett, who lives over in Rossie where he practices the (magical) craft of blacksmithing, is also a talented poet.

In a casual post to some of his friends, he include a few haiku which leapt off the page for me: so north country the visual and auditory imagery.

Here they are. Feel free to share some of your haiku–particularly those that “feel” like they live in this region.


cow-pie frisbee

with my granddaughter–

not telling her mother




pond walk–

frogs and I

perform “the plunk”




eyeball floater

or fruit fly. . .clapping





at day’s end

morning glories, too

played out



misty sunrise

asparagus unwilling to let go

of its cloud of light