Title Suggestions

  1. Antonetta Haggard says:

    Has anyone read Last Child in the Woods? Fascinating, especially if you work with children.

  2. Margot Ernst says:

    To Dale Hobson:
    Ellen asked me to add books and possibly a list of books from my enviromental book group.
    I cannot figure out how to do this. Can you give me instructions. I think I left some additions but they did not make. Can you make it easy for me? Margot

  3. I recently read “Caleb’s Crossing” by Geraldine Brooks and liked it alot. It’s a fictional account of a Pilgrim girl who lives in 17th century Martha’s Vineyard and her interaction with a boy from the local indian tribe who was, in fact, the first Native American to graduate from Harvard. Not much is actually documented about this because he died shortly thereafter so although it is based on historical fact it is fictionalized.

  4. Here’s a non-fiction suggestion: Bill McKibben’s “End of Nature.” This link is to the Wikipedia entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_End_of_Nature

    McKibben has many ties to the area, so I’m sure he’d be happy to sit down for a talk with NCPR. The book’s thesis is slightly controversial — but that’s part of the interest in book clubs.

  5. Ellen Rocco says:

    Did you love it, Mary? Writing wonderful? Sounds like the subject could be of real interest to some of our readers, but I’m not familiar with Lauren Groff…Thanks for the suggestion. Bring ’em on!

    • Yes I did love Arcadia. It was just published and I think we will be hearing more about it. It is perfect for book clubs that like to discuss different lifestyles.

  6. mary cronk says:

    arcadia by Lauren Groff

    Author writes about a commune and life as a boy growing up. The time period is from the 1960’s to present (and actually a little beyond). The location is somewhere in central NY — outside of Syracuse, NY.

    Lauren has another book which was about Cooperstown, NY. She grew up in Cooperstown.
    She comes back to visit — she was just in Cooperstown over Easter.

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