Upping the wattage in Cape Vincent

New Cape Vincent transmitter coverage

New Cape Vincent transmitter coverage map. (click to enlarge)

Our Cape Vincent signal will be moving sometime this week (Friday, probably) from 55 Watts on 93.7 fm to 2,000 Watts on 88.1 fm. There may be a period of a day or two of zero signal, but all should be well by Friday evening.

Here’s a map I just made for you with the old and new predicted coverage maps. Coverage in cars will extend way beyond the red line… after all, coverage is already pretty good in Kingston with only the “blue” line signal.

5 Comments on “Upping the wattage in Cape Vincent”

  1. Alan says:

    Wow. Great news. What a jump in power. Not only will we be able to hear you clearly now all over Kingston but we may well be able to fry bacon simply by hanging on the clothes line for a few minutes.

  2. Lucy Martin says:

    I think a feature on sailing at CORK in Kingston may air just as transmission to that area goes spotty. This is MY fault, not Bob’s!

    I asked it be aired this week, before more of CORK’s August events conclude.

    Let’s hope Kingston can hear it! And happy sailing, everyone.

  3. Hank Hofmann says:

    My friends in Kingston love you already, Bob!

  4. Alan says:

    Booooooming in.

  5. Don Edwards says:

    Just discovered this Sunday night. Looking forward to tuning to 88.1 Monday morning. Very good news!

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