Sign of the season, and the times

There are so many things I like about this sign, spotted yesterday morning, between Colton and Parishville:

I’m guessing that it isn’t a stretch to assume this firewood is also local.

That elevates it even further, since there’s a new threat in the firewood trade: the emerald ash-borer. The invasive insect is close — just across the St. Lawrence River in Gananoque, Ontario. It’s also moving this way from southwestern and central New York. The ash borer is killing ash trees from the midwest east (50 million trees so far) — and state conservation officials say it very well could kill ALL the native ash trees in the forest. Eight percent of New York trees. Sources of baseball bats, and Mohawk ash splint baskets.

The Emerald Ash Borer would spread on its own, but hitchhiking is far faster, in lumber, wood products, and firewood.  That’s why it’s illegal in New York to haul firewood more than 50 miles  from where it’s cut… and that’s not very far in this part of the country. Roughly – Canton to Piercefield. Massena to Gouverneur.   Long Lake to Old Forge. Malone to Lake Placid. Indian Lake to Glens Falls.

Ash is a popular hardwood fuel —  it has a nice crackle and pop, and a lot of BTUs.  But keep it local.


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  1. listener says:

    So, there’s multiple reasons it doesn’t also read “free range”.
    Hoping we can keep that ash borer quarantined and out of our area…

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