Out of the ether, into the mud

My friends in fundraising tell me to never refer to radio as an “ethereal” medium. People like to give money to bricks and mortar.

We may not have new brick buildings, but we do have a new tower site.

If you’ve been following Radio Bob’s recent posts, you know we’re putting up a tower for a new transmitter, between Gouverneur and Antwerp. Bob gave you the tower shots. I visited the site on Friday. Nice to get some mud on my boots. Even nicer to see Jerry Hunt’s Oklahoma crew and the Farley Equipment crew out of Gouverneur getting the job done. Here are some ground level shots:

Jerry, Boady and Radio Bob preparing the second 90' length of tower for lift up.

Thinking it over...Jerry and Radio Bob.

Josh Kirby and Barry Turner, from Farley Equipment in Gouverneur, operated the big 200' crane.

Josh and Barry with the hook.

Radio Bob took photos of the installation from a perch located on the other side of Route 11. Great spot for getting pictures...and just in case the tower or crane...

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