Tell me what you gave

We aren’t saints around my home…the sheep get a little extra grain, the dogs get a treat, and we spread some cookies, bread and soup around our neighborhood. What gift did you give that gave YOU pleasure? Giving is fun. But as I write this, I know the one thing I really should give today is time…time with an elderly neighbor who lives alone. Today, for sure, and regularly throughout the year. I’m going on record by way of encouraging myself to do the right thing, the right kind of giving…

2 Comments on “Tell me what you gave”

  1. Mayflower says:

    I took little cinnamon cakes to neighbors: a home for young men with special needs. Their gift to me was huge smiles.

  2. Mayflower says:

    An addendum: on Christmas Day my doorbell rang. Four young men with a plate of their own home-baked cookies for us. Lots (and lots) of candy sprinkles and even more smiles.

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