I love to skate. During the winter, I drive around assessing frozen ponds, streams and puddles for “skatability.” You’ve seen the old farmer driving a pick up truck at about 20 mph so he can check out what’s happening in every barnyard he passes…well, I’m the how’s-the-ice-looking version of that farmer.

Every few days, I’ve been checking the Rideau Canal Skateway website to see if the ice is open (it’s not yet). The website also has details about Winterlude and other activities on the 7.8 kilometer skateway. If you’ve never made it to Ottawa to skate the canal, you should plan on a visit–even if you don’t skate.

Then there’s world class skating. Check out Yu-Na Kim, who broke the women’s scoring record last year during the World Championships. She has it all–grace, strength and charm.

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