Readers: I need your help

I had an email today from a listener in St. Lawrence County who wanted to know if I knew of any book clubs in her neck of the woods. I know of one. It occurred to me that we should have a list of book clubs and reading groups–whether library or home-based–with a contact name/number/email in the case of groups open to including more members.

So, please write to me  at or list your group and contact info in comment section below and I’ll begin building a list of reading groups and book clubs across the region. We’ll post the list to once we’ve heard from enough people to make it worthwhile. When you contact me, let me know a) name of your group (if you have a name); b) where you meet (in a library, in a rotation of private homes) and the geographic area your members live in;  c) how you pick the titles you pick and whether there tends to be a topical or genre focus; and, d) how to get in touch with you online or by phone. It might be fun to share annual reading lists, too.

Here’s the trailer for a movie of a few years ago…about a book club:

Remember, I’m really trying to put together a list of book clubs and reading groups in the region. Please help! Thanks.

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