Tiny Desk Concert: Basia Bulat

I’m a fan of one of NPR Music’s non-radio offerings–The Tiny Desk Concert. On an irregular basis the crew brings performers into a casual setting at NPR headquarters and has them play a few songs. The concerts are available as audio-only, but you can also get them as a video podcast–well-produced in both the audio and the video, and usually bringing a fresh sound to an ear that has heard everything over the years from NPR.

Check out the most recent Tiny Desk Concert embedded below. The performer is Basia Bulat, a singer-songwriter from Ontario, who performs on guitar and pianoette (a kind of cross between autoharp and hammered dulcimer).

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  1. Peter says:

    Heart of My Own – fantastic album! She’s a great talent. Maybe someday she’ll play locally…

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