String Fever Radio Jam on March 3rd!

Yes! The annual String Fever Radio Jam is this coming Thursday at 3! Two JAM-packed hours this year! The String Fever house band is ready to go, and the jam tunes should be available at by Friday sometime. You don’t have to play an instrument to enjoy the jam, but it’s a great opportunity to play along with some of the best players in the north country. If you’re more of a ‘visual’ player, then watch the live video from our homepage during the show. We’ll be rooting for you! Get some spoons out of the kitchen and play along! Email me in advance of the show ( if you’d like to send a message out to other jammers around the world — and I’d love to know who’s going to be playing along, so keep in touch!
Wondering what a jam session is like? Check out this YouTube video from the 2010 String Fever Jam:

String Fever Jam Band plays Arkansas Traveler

Download the tunes. Practice. Play along. See you on the radio!

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