Radio Bob, our chief engineer, and I drove to Lake Placid today to complete the upgrade to our transmitter there. We are now at 100 Watts. Our old transmitter was a mere 10 Watts.

Radio Bob tweaking the new transmitter in Lake Placid.

Our transmission equipment is located on the Crowne Plaza roof. We are very grateful to the Lussi family for years of hosting our Lake Placid transmitter.

Thanks to Jim McKenna CEO of the Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism; Betsy Dirnberger, Associate Publisher of the Adirondack Explorer; (Ellen Rocco, NCPR Station Manager); Craig H. Randall, Mayor of the Village of Lake Placid; and Kimberly Rielly, Director of Communications at ROST, for joining us as we turned on the new facility.

We gathered for the occasion (and Mayor Randall pushed the button to turn on our new transmitter) in the Great Room of the Crowne Plaza, home to our Lake Placid facility. Here’s one of the views from the window of the Great Room:

White Face mountain through the window of the Great Room at the Crowne Plaza in Lake Placid.

How will the new transmitter help listeners in the Lake Placid area? The big difference will be heard inside of buildings where your signal may have included static or been unreliable. We also expect to slightly expand the coverage area around the village. Let us know if you pick up the 91.7 FM signal in any new places.

Again, thanks to the Lussi family and to the dozens of people who supported our effort to make this upgrade happen.


2 Comments on “10X10=100”

  1. Dave says:

    That transmitter! Where have the olden days gone with the glowing tubes, the big cabinets, and the powerful air blowers? It is just not exciting any more.

  2. Pete Klein says:

    Congrats but I still wish you were 50,000 Watts

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