Pulling back the curtain

Day two of our spring fundraiser.

Membership director June Peoples tallying your gifts. Thank you.

Canadian friends in the phone room: Hank Hofmann, Lucy Martin (our Ontario stringer), and Doug Bullock.

David Sommerstein working on a news story...between on air pitches.

Brian Mann working on a news story...between pitches.

Production manager Joel Hurd and reporter Brian Mann actually pitching (i.e., coming up with yet another way to ask you for money).

Now it’s afternoon…I’m about get on the job, hosting the Blue Note…and of course asking for money. Here are a few more shots:

Kathy Clarke, Lake George, and Libby and Denny Brandt, Canton, staffing the phones.

John Danis, DeKalb Junction, Lucy Martin (taking yet another call), and our own weekend announcer Kevin Irwin.

Kelly Trombley manages the phone room.

Want to contribute now? Here’s the link. Thank you!


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