Spring: ice to water

Snapped these on my Saturday drive back from NYC to the St. Lawrence Valley, through the Adirondacks.

13th Lake Brook, running alongside 13th Lake Road, in North River.

13th Lake Brook empties into the Hudson, not far from where I caught these rafters at the end of their run.

At higher elevation, Durant Lake is still frozen.

Long Lake still pretty frozen, except for open water where Racquette flows. But the sand reminded me of coming summer.

Blue ice between Long Lake and Tupper Lake.

Closer to Tupper Lake, the ice has begun to melt and pull away from the rock.

Coming into Tupper Lake, looking toward the Sewards--some open water, some ice.

Round Pond Bog, between Piercefield and South Colton--still some snow, but ice turning quickly to water.

Puddly, muddy field between Canton and Old DeKalb, on the Old DeKalb Road, St. Lawrence County.

The Oswegatchie River in Old DeKalb, about 15 miles from where it empties into the St. Lawrence River.

Dry (but not yet green) pasture, Maple Ridge Road, Old DeKalb.

From water to ice to water, that’s a big chunk of geography under the NCPR radio waves.

Happy spring.


2 Comments on “Spring: ice to water”

  1. Bob Falesch says:

    “…that’s a big chunk of geography under the NCPR radio waves.”, whose waves, we trust, will never be frozen.

  2. Martha Foley says:

    And today, I bet there IS some green in that pasture.

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